Workshops Offered by the Sibling Support Project

Throughout their lives, brothers and sisters will share many—if not most—of the same concerns that parents of children with special developmental and health concerns experience, as well as issues that are uniquely theirs. Siblings spend a considerable amount of time with their brothers and sisters who have special needs. And, because the sibling relationship is usually the longest-lasting relationship in a family, brothers and sisters will likely be involved in the life of the child who has special needs longer than anyone—including the child’s parents.

For the sake of everyone—brothers, sisters, parents, providers, and especially the family member who has special needs—siblings and their concerns must not be ignored.

To promote understanding of sibling issues and how families and professionals can address them in effective, meaningful, enjoyable ways, we are often asked to conduct workshops and trainings on a variety of topics, including:

  • How to create a community-based Sibshop
  • Keynotes and workshops on sibling issues
  • Demonstration Sibshops
  • Future planning workshops for families
  • Workshops for adult sibs of people with special needs

We are also happy to work with your organization to custom design a workshop or training to meet the needs of your families and staff. To learn more, please contact us at or 425-362-6421.