The Sibshops Standards of Practice

Sibshops began in 1982 at the University of Washington. Created by Don Meyer, Founder of the Sibling Support Project, Sibshops now support thousands of young siblings of children with developmental and health concerns in hundreds of locations around the world, with new Sibshops launching every year.

We are truly pleased that there is such interest in Sibshops, and we are committed to ensuring that when parents send their children to a Sibshop, they are sending them to a program that is true to the spirit, strategies, and goals of the model.

To this end, we have worked with longtime Sibshop facilitators to create the following Standards of Practice for programs that wish to be registered Sibshop and use the trademarked Sibshop name, a variation of the name (e.g., “Sib Shop”) and/or the Sibshop logo. We are grateful to the members of the Sibshop Standards of Practice Committee for helping us with this important project.

Please download the Sibshops Standards of Practice and distribute to each adult facilitator of your Sibshop program and extra copies for any staff members who may join your program. Please review the Standards with the other Sibshop facilitators and administrators, and be sure to register your Sibshop online as discussed at the end of this document. If you have questions along the way, please do n