The Sibshops Standards of Practice

A simple web search for “Sibshop” results in thousands of hits. In addition to the wonderful community-based Sibshops that are being run in almost every state and in countries from Argentina to New Zealand, Sibshops are increasingly being offered as part of state and national conferences and as an adjunct to parent support groups throughout the US and elsewhere.

While we are truly pleased that there is such interest in the model, we need to protect young sibs by making sure that when parents send their children to a Sibshop, they are sending them to a program that is true to the spirit and goals of the model.

To this end, we have worked with long-time Sibshop facilitators in drafting Standards of Practice for programs wishing to become a registered Sibshop and use the (trademarked) Sibshop name, a “sound-alike” name (e.g., “Sib Shop”) or the Sibshop logo. We are grateful to the members of the Sibshop Standards of Practice Committee for helping us with this important project.