Online Sibshop Facilitator Training and Sibling Educational Workshop

The online Sibshops Training is one event with two goals and two audiences:

  • To train new Sibshop facilitators and administrators who want to learn how to run a Sibshop. Trainees attend four online sessions, typically over one week, to learn about sibs’ life-long concerns, find out how to organize a Sibshop, and experience an online Demonstration Sibshop. These trainees must attend all sessions of the training to become a Certified Sibshop Facilitator. Upon completion of the training, Certified Sibshop Facilitators may register and start their own local Sibshop.
  • To educate parents, service providers, and others about sibs’ ever-changing issues across the lifespan. Participants are interested in sibling issues, but not necessarily in running a Sibshop. This audience attends only the first three sessions of the online training.
  • Session 1

    Siblings of People with Special Needs: Unique Concerns 90 min

    Welcome, training overview, introduction to siblings and sibling support. During this lively, interactive kickoff session, we’ll discuss sibs’ unique concerns across the lifespan. Audience: general audience & Sibshop facilitator trainees

  • Session 2

    Siblings of People with Special Needs: Unique Opportunities 90 min

    After we finish our discussion of concerns, t