Online Sibshop Facilitator Training and Sibling Educational Workshop

The online Sibshop Facilitator Certification Training/Sibling Educational Workshop is offered in various formats: in one full day, or spread out over days or weeks. Please check our calendar of events for current training offerings.

Every training is one event with three parts, two goals, and two audiences:

 To train new Sibshop facilitators and administrators who want to learn how to run a Sibshop. Trainees attend four online sessions, typically over one week, to learn about sibs’ life-long concerns, find out how to organize a Sibshop, and experience an online Demonstration Sibshop. These trainees must attend all 3 parts of the training to become a Certified Sibshop Facilitator. Upon completion of the training, Certified Sibshop Facilitators may register and start their own local Sibshop.

To educate parents, service providers, and others about sibs’ ever-changing issues across the lifespan. Participants are interested in sibling issues, but not necessarily in running a Sibshop. This audience attends only the first 2 parts of the training.

  • Part 1

    Siblings of People with Disabilities: Unique Concerns, Unique Opportunities

    Welcome, training overview, introduction to siblings and sibling support. During this lively, interactive kickoff session, we’ll discuss sibs’ unique concerns across the lifespan. After we finish our discussion of concerns, this session presents the many opportunities siblings experience. We’ll also discuss what parents and professionals can do to minimize sibs’ concerns and maximize opportunities.

    Audience: general audience & Sibshop facilitator trainees

  • Part 2

    Panel of Adult Siblings 

    A powerful way to learn about sibling issues is to hear from the “real experts.” A panel of adult brothers and sisters will share their experiences, insights, and suggestions for parents and providers.

    Audience: General audience & Sibshop facilitator trainees

  • Part 3

    All About Sibshops

    Sibshops are kid-friendly workshops as rewarding to run as they are to attend. Participants will learn the logistics of planning and implementing a local Sibshop, and Sibshop goals and related recreational, discussion, and educational activities. Trainees will observe online Demonstration Sibshop activities with young brothers and sisters, and receive the materials and know-how to start, plan, and facilitate Sibshops.

    Audience: Sibshop facilitator trainees only


“THANK YOU for providing this online. I have been wanting to be a Sibshop Facilitator for a few years, but I could never manage to take days off from work to participate. One silver lining of Covid is that this program has become more accessible!”

“This was really helpful and I feel much more capable of supporting not only kids in future Sibshops, but also my own kids! I also found that many of my own feelings as a parent of a child with special needs were validated. I didn’t expect to get that out of this training and it was really great.”

“Loved, loved, loved this workshop! As a sib myself it was super encouraging to hear so many people invested in sibs, as we discussed, it consistently made me feel ‘heard,’ something that us adult sibs still need and value too.”

“Really enjoyed this training and grateful that it is offered online. I have been looking for years for a training that is close to where I live and that would work for my schedule. I know that the online training limits some of the activities that presenters might have liked to do, or do when it’s in person, but I thought it was great. I gained a lot of information, not just on the workshops themselves but more about the sibs which was eye opening in a lot of ways. Thank you.”