From November 18, 2020 to May 18, 2021, the Sibling Support Project hosted, in partnership with Special Needs Siblings and the Sibling Leadership Network, a groundbreaking series of BIPOC Sibling Roundtables.  Featuring the voices, insights, perspectives and stories of Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color who have brothers and sisters with disabilities, the series was created to expand the inclusion and diversity of the sibling support community.  As we approach the first anniversary of the inaugural event, we are planning new events and initiatives to continue and build upon the conversation.

View the BIPOC Sibling Series:

BIPOC Sibling Panel 1,  November 18. 2020

BIPOC Sibling Panel 2,  January 18. 2021

BIPOC Sibling Panel 3,  March 18, 2021

BIPOC Sibling Panel 4,  May 18, 2021