Workshops and Training on the Sibshop Model

Workshops For and About Siblings

The Sibling Support Project specializes in providing family-friendly and highly rated workshops on sibling issues to parents, service providers, and siblings of all ages. We have provided workshops across the United States and Canada, and in other countries around the world.

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Sibshop Facilitator Certification Trainings

Our Sibshop Facilitator Certification Trainings/Sibling Educational Workshops are lively events with something for parents, providers, adult sibs, and even young brothers and sisters! Whether they are offered in-person or online, these trainings have much to offer , specifically:

  • Future Sibshop facilitators and administrators who attend the full online or in-person training will be certified to become first-generation Sibshop facilitators;
  • Family members, service providers, and other community members who wish to learn more about siblings, but who don’t want to start a Sibshop, can atten